Bigg Boss 13, Devoleena, Rashami
Bigg Boss 13 contestants Devoleena, RashamiTwitter

Bigg Boss 13 is turning into a boiling pot of celebrities who seem to have lost all sorts of positivity. Ever since the Salman Khan hosted show has started airing, inmates never leave a chance to get into a verbal spat with another for every other reason and take a dig at one's appearance. And the Tuesday's episode of Bigg Boss 13 was no exception where the TV Bahus Devoleena and Rashami body-shamed Shehnaz Gill and insulted Asim to shut down the arguments between them.

Devoleena, while being at loggerheads with Shehnaz, passed an insensible comment about the latter saying that she would rather look at a cow than her. "Tumhein dekhne se accha mai gaay ko dekh lu," Devoleena body-shamed Shehnaz during their altercation.

Later, Rashami had a fight with Asim over their breakfast and the number of rotis served. While the two soon started trash talking about each other, Mahira jumped in and defended Asim. To which, Rashami told Asim that if he would've been a real man, he would spoken for himself. "Asli mard hota to khud ki baat karta," Rashami insulted Asim.

While all of this was happening inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, viewers were disgusted with Devoleena and Rashami's awful behaviour. They tried to expose the two by pointing out how Devoleena and Rashami speak about positivity but fail to portray the same values themselves.

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