Arti Singh

Popularly known as Govinda's niece and Krushna Abhishek's sister, Uttaram and Waaris fame Arti Singh, entered the Bigg Boss 13 house as the last contestant. Arti, who appeared to be as candid and humorous as her brother Krushna, said that she has always been kept under the protectiveness of Govinda and Krushna. But now wants the world to know her for who she is.

While in the previous seasons we have seen contestants flaunting their expensive wardrobe or boasting about their clothes collection, Arti candidly revealed that she has sourced few clothes from Krushna and has also taken one of his jackets inside the house.

Rather than talking about her night suits or fancy wardrobe, Arti opened up about reminding herself of her brother and the responsibilities that come with belonging to the family she does through his clothes. She also said that she would wear Krushna's jacket every time she would get angry to remind herself that she has to be calm and behave in a particular manner.

Krushna also revealed that while Arti looks demure and simple, she is not. He revealed that she has a sixth sense where she gets to know who is talking what about her. He also revealed that she generally does not lose her cool but, when she does, it is difficult to calm her down. However, he also said that Arti is not the one to pick a fight unreasonably.

Furthermore, Arti and Krushna brought a lot of humour on to stage breaking the nervous energy of the contestants as the show brings a lot of new challenges for each contestant that walks into the house.