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Every time we think of Bigg Boss only two words come to our mind – Salman Khan and entertainment! While Salman Khan has been threatening to quit the show for the last few years, we feel, it's high time for Salman Khan to dissociate himself from the show after this season.

Low TRPs: For starters, though the season has been extended by five weeks, it has hardly been featured in the top ten list of TRPs. Despite all the drama, fights and action; this season has failed to generate the same engagement as last year. While the line-up of celebrities is far better than many previous season, people seem to not be interested in watching the same negativity and fights over and over again. And the interest among the audience only seem to be lessening as the show is progressing, hence, it woudn't do much harm for Salman to dissociate himself from the show.

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Reputation: A few weeks back, Salman Khan himself had said that it has taken him a long time to build a certain reputation and by being with the celebrities the way they are, Salman doesn't want to stoop down to their level. He had also said that he changed from Salman Khan to Sallu and now to Bhai and fears for his reputation amidst all the negativity the house brings out in him.

Losing mental peace: Salman Khan had also said that the show is taking a toll on him and had stressed on the fact that he would not get that involved with the daily aspects and fights within the house as he used to earlier. A report had recently revealed that "Salman has recovered from a health issue called Trigeminal Neuralgia, which doesn't allow him to get very angry as it will disturb his nerves. But every week, one or the other participant is getting on to his nerves, which is not good for Salman's health. Hence, this is certainly the last season of the show that he will be hosting. He has been wanting to quit for a few seasons now, but somehow the channel and the production house keep getting him back. But now, he has clearly been told by close ones as well that the show should not hurt him in any manner, as his family and friends are concerned for him."

Salman Khan has also hinted that he might not be there to host the show when the show gets extended and we feel, it would be right for him to take a break from the show for a season of two before making a Dabangg re-entry once again.