Salman Khan

10.02: Preity asks the housemates to woo her with some romance and dance. Songs are being played and the housemates start showing off their moves to Zinta. 

09.55: Salman says that he would announce the name of the evicted contestant in tomorrow's episode. Preity makes few small talks with the contestants and asks them to sit comfortably. Team A has Sreesanth, Deepak, Romil, Surbhi, Somi and Team B has Dipika, Jasleen, Rohit, Shivashish, Megha and Srishty.

09.53: Preity Zinta looks all set to enter the house and play some games with the housemates. 

09.48: Dipika is still inside the torture room getting hit by the fish. Salman reminds the housemates that Deepak, Romil, Somi and Surbhi are still nominated and one of them would leave the house this weekend. 

09.42: From 'Bhumbro Bhumbro' to 'Tan Tana Tan', Salman and Preity rock the stage with their dance moves. Preity Zinta wins the competition. Salman dedicates 'Aate jaate jo milta hai...' to Preity Zinta. 

09.38: Salman welcomes Preity Zinta onto the stage. Preity talks a bit about her upcoming film, Bhaiyaji Superhit, with Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. Salman and Preity get into a competition where they have to guess each other's dance steps. 

09.35: Housemates nominate Dipika because of her unfair sanchalan as the biggest gunahgaar of the house. Dipika is sent to the torture room where a dead fish is kept in such a way that it would keep hitting Dipika's face. 

09.33: Dipika tries to explain things to Surbhi and Karanvir tries to do the same with Romil. 

09.30: Appy fizz caller of the week has a question for Rohit. He asks Rohit why has he lost his mojo a few weeks into the house even though he was supposed to be a firecracker wildcard entry. Srishty confronts Sreesanth on talking about her and Rohit. Srishty loses her cool on him. 

09.28: Dipika says that she went and joined hands with happy club so as to make KV win. Surbhi says that earlier Dipika used to play with the support of Sreesanth but now that he has made many sisters inside the house, Dipika had to take someone else's support. 

09.25: Surbhi decodes the entire captaincy task and reveals how Dipika made him win by being the worst sanchalak. Salman makes fun of Dipika and agrees with Surbhi's version. Dipika says that the bowl had a few teaspoons of water atleast. Salman asks how many housemates feel that Dipika's sanchalan was worse than Shivashish's. Majority of the housemates vote in favour of Salman's satetement. 

09.23: Salman calls Sreesanth the 'new mastermind' of the house. Salman had made a comment on Rohit and Srishty's friendship, which made Srishty cry later. Salman congratulates KV for his captaincy. KV gives the credit of his winning to Rohit. Surbhi gives the credit of KV becoming the captain to Dipika.  

09.20: Deepak says that Sreesanth had made false promises to him and had said that he would protect him. Salman reminds Sreesanth that Dipika had used the same excuse once to nominate him and that time Sreesanth had lost his cool on her. 

09.18: Surbhi apologises to Jasleen in front of Salman. Deepak too apologises and they both promise not to bring such topics within the house. Salman asks Sreesanth the reason behind nominating him. Sreesanth says that Deepak has been a strong contender and has not been nominated even once and thus chose to nominate him. 

09.15: Salman pulls up Deepak and team for slandering Jasleen's name. Deepak gets an earful from Salman for trying to assasin Jasleen's character. He also reprimands Surbhi for supporting Deepak in the conversation. Surbhi tries to defend herself. Salman praises Romil for trying to close the topic then.

09.11: Salman praises Deepak and pulls his leg. Somi says that he keeps singing songs for her. Salman then tells Deepak to use his mind and put it at the right place. Salman says that all the names were correct but Romil should have taken someone else's name instead of Srishty's. He also hints that Megha was nowhere to be seen in the house.  

09.08: Later, Surbhi tells Romil that he should have taken Megha's name instead. Salman enters the house through the TV and wishes everyone a happy Diwali. Salman jokingly compliments Karanvir for his dressing style. He also wishes Sreesanth for his birthday.  

09.05: Deepak takes Jasleen's name. Cowdung mixture, tomatoes, flour and ice cold water are the things thrown at her. Somi takes Shivashish's name as the contestant who should have taken her place instead. Surbhi takes Rohit's name. Romil takes Srishty's name. Same things are thrown on all these contestants.

09.03: Salman takes us through the four members of the happy club who are nominated for this weekend's elimination. Bigg Boss asks the nominated contestants to take the name of one housemate each whom they feel should have been nominated instead. 

09.00: Salman Khan is back with this week's Weekend Ka Vaar. Khan takes us through the recap of the week. Jasleen and Deepak make fun of Srishty's OCD. Srishty jokes about Sreesanth and Dipika which he overhears and starts fighting with her. 

Ever since Anup Jalota has been evicted from the house, Jasleen Matahru has been receiving criticism. Once the news of Anup Jalota having denied his relationship with Matharu broke into the house, inmates have time and again been seen taking digs at her.

This week we saw Jasleen breaking down when Deepak and Surbhi fought with her over Anup Jalota and even called her a 'gold digger'.Romil and Somi didn't take part in this argument and Romil did try to stop them from doing so.

In tonight's episode of the Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman, we would see Salman grilling Deepak and Surbhi over their comments on Jasleen. Not just this, Salman would also be seen questioning Dipika on her decisions during the captaincy task which led to Karanvir emerging as the captain of the house.

Watch this space for live coverage of the show at 9pm tonight.