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Nehha Pendse's eviction last weekend from Bigg Boss 12 did come as a huge shock to many. But, it seems neither Nehha Pendse's fans nor her mother were anywhere in the mood to welcome her back into the home so soon! Result? A storm of her fans ready to wage a war against Bigg Boss on social media and a furious mother, who doesn't wish to see her daughter.

While the families of many inmates keep waiting for the time when their loved one would be evicted and join them at home, Nehha's mother, who is an avid lover of the show, wasn't ready to see her daughter so soon.

Nehha's mother, who is a self-confessed Bigg Boss lover, couldn't believe her ears when Nehha first called her after coming out of the show. Reportedly, the first thing Nehha did after coming out of the show was to call her mother from a different cell phone as her phone wasn't working.

Upon realising it was her daughter's voice, her mother lost her cool and shouted at her. She asked why was she evicted so soon and blamed her for not sticking onto the show for a longer period.

Nehha revealed that her angry mother kept asking her, "why did you leave?" and "what did you do?" She also added that she had expected her mother to be happy and excited to hear her voice, but, in reality, the opposite happened. Her mother was not only angry at her but also kept shouting at her in high volume.

The 'May I Come In Madam?' actress elaborated that her mother had expected her to do well and stay inside the house for a longer period. She was shocked to hear her voice on the phone and was bitterly disappointed. Nehha has also expressed her desire to re-enter the house if given a chance.

Nehha's fans were left disappointed with her below-par performance inside the house, but, we all feel it was too soon for the diva to leave the house.