Vikas and Sreesanth
Still from the show

We all witnessed what a roller-coaster ride the last weekend turned out to be. While the entire week remained intense due to the consistent fights and arguments between Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana, the temperature went up on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode when even Salman Khan ridiculed the two for their behaviour.

Salman had questioned Surbhi and Sreesanth for their brawl during the task. Surbhi defended herself and said that Sreesanth's statement about provoking her made her react that way.

And when Sreesanth called her 'characterless', Surbhi says that she lost her cool and went personal on him. Salman told Sreesanth that no matter how much anyone provokes him, he shouldn't cross the line. To which, Sreesanth had said that Surbhi had gotten really personal about him and his family and thus he lost his cool. Salman had reminded Sreesanth that if Deepak got pulled up for 'chaal-chalan' comment then he deserves a punishment for his 'characterless' comment too.

Salman had also pulled up Dipika for listening to Sreesanth referring to Surbhi as a prostitute. Dipika had defended herself by saying that she immediately stopped him from saying that and asked him not to say such things. She had also added that whenever Sree says anything wrong in aggression, she always tries to stop him and make him realise his mistake.

Sreesanth left the katghara and had said that he won't stand inside the katghara anymore. After angrily apologising to everyone, he went and locked himself inside the bathroom. By the time housemates could come, in a fit-of-rage and utter disappointment, Sreesanth had hit his head on the wall. When he complained of headache and dizziness, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. But when the test reports and X-ray came out to be fine, he was brought back to the house.