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For this week's nomination task, the Bigg Boss 12 house turned into a war zone with the housemates divided into two teams across the LoC. In a surprising twist, the decision of who would get evicted had basically been put in Surbhi Rana's hands and the former 'Roadies' contestant made sure to make the most of it.

The house was divided into two teams. Team A had Dipika Kakkar, Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary and Jasleen Matharu. Team B had Sreesanth, Karanvir, Rohit Suchanti and Somi Khan. Megha Dhade had already been nominated for this week's elimination by Bigg Boss as a punishment for hurling shoes and abuses at Deepak.

After every sound of explosion, Surbhi had to choose one contestant whose bunker she had to blast. Housemates had to convince Surbhi not to take their name for the nomination. Team with maximum numbers of safe people would have been saved. Surbhi chooses to burst Dipika, Jasleen, Somi, Rohit and Romil's bunkers. With maximum exploded bunkers, Dipika's entire team lands in the nomination for this weekend.

With only 10 contestants left in the game and Srishty's shocking eviction, all the housemates seem to have definitely upped their game. And with the tasks and activities intensifying, housemates have decided to bring their game face on.

Jasleen got into an argument with Surbhi over her partial treatment, Somi and Romil's strong bond broke down, Deepak too shifted his alliance towards Surbhi instead of Romil. Sreesanth and Dipika stand beside each other. With Srishty gone, Rohit is looking for a friend in Romil. Megha is also trying her best to form a bond with Sreesanth and Dipika. Romil feels left out after a massive brawl with everyone.

Megha Dhade, Dipika Kakkar, Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary and Jasleen Matharu are nominated this week. Whom would you like to see leave the house this weekend?