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After a week where no one was evicted, seven contestants have been nominated for eliminations this weekend. Dipika, Srishty, Sreesanth, Rohit, Shivashish, Deepak and Jasleen were the ones nominated.

For the nomination task, a 'Jai and Viru' style bike was parked in the garden area. Once Bigg Boss announced the name, two housemates had to sit on the bike and discuss who among the two would be safe or get nominated for the eviction in the next 15 minutes. If any team failed to reach a decision, both the housemates were nominated for eviction.

Deepak asked Somi to be safe, Sreesanth saved Surbhi, Dipika saved Megha. Srishty and Jasleen refused to save each other resulting in both being nominated. Same was the case with Rohit and Shivashish.

As per our IBT poll, fans want to send Rohit Suchanti out of the house this weekend. With 33.57% votes, Rohit topped the list as the first choice to be evicted by followed by Jasleen Matharu at 23.84% votes. Deepak Thakur, who has emerged as a strong player and a key member inside the house got the third highest votes against him which were 14.53% followed by Sreesanth at 10.3% votes.

Shivashish Mishra has bagged the fifth spot in the list with 8.46% votes, followed by Srishty Rode at 5.78% votes. Dipika Kakkar has emerged as everyone's favourite with the last spot in the list and bagging just 3.53% votes.

With such interesting line-up of celebs and commoners who have all made a place for themselves in the house and have marked their presence, it would be interesting to see who would be voted out of the house this weekend.