Dennis Nagpal and Bandgi Kalra
Dennis Nagpal and Bandgi KalraInstagram

The latest Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan was high on drama and a bit of mudslinging was also witnessed.

Amid all these, Bandgi Kalra made a shocking revelation that she broke up with former beau Dennis Nagpal as he had suggested sharing her with his close friends. The confession became a big topic of discussion inside the house.

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Dennis has expressed shock over Bandgi's remark.

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"I am in shock. My family is very upset and angry about this whole thing. They have asked me how I failed to sum up Bandgi as a person in our year-long relationship. People have been asking us and my parents are hurt. I am shocked. I don't know what has come upon her," he said.

Talking about sending a message to her through Priyank Sharma, Dennis said that she must have got disturbed when Priyank revealed to housemates that she has a boyfriend outside. "I guess she got disturbed knowing that Priyank told the housemates that she had a boyfriend outside. So far, she was safe knowing that no one was aware of her relationship status. I feel that if she wanted to give a reason for leaving me, she could have said anything else but this!! I find it hard to believe that she could cook up lies to this extent," he said.

Further, Dennis believes that Puneesh must be the person behind Bandgi's voice. "Puneesh must have given her the idea. If he really loved her he would not be doing what he is doing inside. He is an almost divorce and is not on good ties with his father but Bandgi has a family and she is a girl," he added.

The Delhi based producer maintains that he has never said anything close to the "share" term nor has he ever cracked a joke on similar lines.

Upset with his image being tarnished, Dennis told the website that he has been advised by friends to file a defamation case against Bandgi.