Vikas Gupta with his mother (left), Priyank Sharma (right)
Vikas Gupta with his mother (left), Priyank Sharma (right)Twitter

Bigg Boss 11 housemates will be seen going through an emotional phase in the upcoming episode.

Family members, boyfriends and girlfriends of the housemates will enter the house one by one to meet their beloved ones.

For Vikas Gupta, his mother is going to visit the house and for Priyank Sharma, his ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal is the one who is coming to meet him.

Vikas and Priyank entered the show as good friends, but they were recently seen fighting with each other. They, in fact, vowed to end their friendship. But it looks like this family task will patch them up again.

So, contestants will be asked to freeze when their family members will come to the house. Then, Bigg Boss will release the housemate, whose loved one has entered the house, and later, all the contestants will be released.

When Vikas' mother entered the house and met everyone as they were released, Priyank went ahead and hugged her. He asked why didn't his mother come. To this, Vikas' mom replied: "Mein ayi hu na (But I have come)."

These emotional roller coasters in the house will definitely melt your heart. Vikas' mother could have avoided talking to Priyank as he fought with her son, but she gave the same motherly love to Priyank. She treated him like her own son. Isn't it heart touching?

On the other hand, Priyank broke down when Divya came to visit him in the house. Both of them were seen crying, while Divya will reportedly tell Priyank that Vikas is his good friend. And she will also meet Vikas and tell him: "Priyank is your true friend."

Divya tried to give the warmth that Priyank would have gotten from his mother. The two looked adorable together.

Later, Priyank was seen crying his heart out on Vikas' lap, after the family task got over for the day. Vikas has always been supportive of Priyank and the latter has taken time to understand that. However, the truth is nobody can break a true friendship. The way Vikas was consoling his friend will make you emotional.

Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta
Priyank Sharma and Vikas GuptaTwitter

While we were touched by Vikas' act of consoling Priyank, the two again got involved in a small argument later in the day, as shown in Bigg Boss 11 extra dose. (Click Here to watch)

However, it was not a proper argument as Vikas was trying to make his friend understand the game. He always wanted positive things for Priyank and now, we believe Priyank will understand that.