Gehana Vasisth and Priyank Sharma
Gehana Vasisth and Priyank SharmaPR Handout/Twitter

Priyank Sharma has of late come under severe criticism for his actions and behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house. South Indian actress Gehana Vasisth, who has been levelling a series of allegations at the popular contestant, has now called him "namard" -- impotent.

Gehana's latest outburst against Priyank is over his massive fight with Arshi Khan after the courtroom task. The task needed contestants to enact a court divorce between Arshi and Hiten Tejwani.

Hina Khan appeared as Hiten's lawyer and Vikas Gupta played Arshi's lawyer. Sapna Chaudhary and Bandgi Kalra appeared as the two judges.

Although it was supposed to be a task, the contestants apparently went overboard with their allegations against Arshi. All hell broke loose after Priyank, who appeared as a witness in the act, made some remarks on Arshi.

As part of the act, the handsome hunk said Arshi exercises in the gym in a very provocative manner, and also made derogatory remarks about her character, highlighting an incident where she tore parts of her clothes.

Arshi khan Priyank Sharma
Priyank Sharma and Arshi Khan fight once again inside Bigg Boss 11 house.Twitter

This left Arshi furious, and she got into a massive fight with Priyank. She lashed out at him saying nobody has the right to say anything to her as "nobody's father bought those clothes".

Arshi even threatened to expose Priyank's deeds in the coming episodes. In response to Priyank's comments on Arshi's character, Gehana told Asia TV: "Priyank Sharma toh Namard hain (Priyank Sharma is impotent)."

This is the latest among Gehana's outrageous comments about Priyank. She has already called him an "a**-licker" who would sleep with anyone for money. She had even alleged that Priyank was already engaged to a girl from the US, and was cheating on his girlfriend Divya Agarwal.