Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani
Vikas Gupta, Akash DadlaniTwitter

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta has been seen losing temper now and then in the house. Though he is said to be the mastermind of this season, the producer easily gets annoyed when someone deliberately irritates him.

This time, it's Akash Dadlani. After the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give three names who were worst performers and should go to jail/ Kaal Kothari.

Akash volunteered and took Vikas' name as well. The rapper wanted to get inside the jail with Vikas so that he could annoy the producer to the core.

If you have seen the previous two episodes, you will know that in the luxury budget task, Akash took away the mastermind's chance to be the captain with one masterstroke. This win triggered Akash to annoy Vikas more.

So, Akash, Vikas and Arshi Khan were sent to jail. The rapper continuously poked Vikas and the housemates were enjoying seeing it. However, they said that Vikas might beat him up if he didn't stop. Well, Vikas did lose his cool when Akash irritated him by calling "Guchipu."

Remember what a big issue Vikas made when Priyank Sharma called him "Guchipu". Similarly, when Akash did the same, Vikas lost it and stood for a fight.

A promo video is doing the rounds which showed that Vikas has beaten Akash and pushed him really hard. Will Vikas be evicted for such behaviour?

Here's the video:

Take a look at how Bigg Boss fans responded to the promo video: