Bigg Boss 10: Nitibha Kaul quit her high-profile job in Google to be part of Salman Khan's show
Bigg Boss 10: Nitibha Kaul quit her high-profile job in Google to be part of Salman Khan's show. Pictured: Nitibha Kaul with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 10 stageNitibha Kaul/Instagram

For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, the 10th edition of the controversial show has opened the door for common people. Out of the seven commoners who entered the house with celebrities, Om Swami, Manu Punjabi, Akansha Sharma have already created curiosity among viewers.

Another commoner, Nitibha Kaul, who hails from Kashmir, has raised quite a few eyebrows, not because of her personality and her singing talent, but because she quit her high-profile job in Google to be a part of Bigg Boss 10. Nitibha used to work at Google Marketing Solutions as an account strategist. She had graduated from Delhi University and had earlier participated in Miss India contest, India Today reported.

While for Nitibha, Bigg Boss 10 must be the first step for her to fullfil her dream of being a part of the glamour world, there are many who see her participation as a mistake since a job in Google is a dream for thousands of job seekers. Also, securing a job in Google is not a cakewalk since the company follows stringent hiring process.

Meanwhile, the first episode of Bigg Boss 10 saw celebrities turning into sevaks (slaves), while the commoners would rule the house as maaliks. The show is expected to bring a lot of spicy controversies and gossips and viewers can't stop talking about the show and contestants on Twitter.

The nominated contestants of the first week of Bigg Boss 10 have already been revealed. According to some reports, Gaurav Chopra, Manoj Punjabi, Monalisa and Priyanka Jagga are in the danger zone. The four contestants failed to impress the audience on the grand opening episode of Bigg Boss 10, which resulted in them getting nominated for eviction.