Omung Kumar
Bigg Boss 10 house: Art director Omung Kumar spills the beans on the design of various rooms. Pictured: Omung KumarFacebook/Omung.Kumar.Bhandula/

Art director Omung Kumar, who has designed the house of Bigg Boss season 10, has opened up on the decoration of the house. He says it has been themed around a modern Indian palace.

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Omung Kumar had earlier worked as a production designer in Black and Saawariya and as a director in Mary Kom and Sarbjit. Along with his wife Vanita, the filmmaker has designed the house of Salman Khan's reality TV show Bigg Boss 10. He says he has enhanced the beauty of every room in the house this season and the mystique elements invoke sentiments like vigour and positivity.

In a statement, Omung Kumar details the decoration of the house of Bigg Boss 10. "The Bigg Boss house, this year, has an ethereal look. The design of the 'Bigg Boss' house has been themed around a modern Indian palace. There is an element of Indian mystique to the decor with a lot of lanterns and earthy tones to bring a homely appeal to the set," Omung Kumar said.

Omung Kumar claims that he has brought in several changes in the house of Bigg Boss 10. "The house is more colourful and vibrant this time with lots of paintings. There are many conspicuous changes in the Bigg Boss house," the art director added.

A luxurious Jacuzzi is a new addition to the bathroom area. "We are also adding a touch of luxury to the Bigg Boss house with the introduction of a Jacuzzi corner in the bathroom. The design elements have been incorporated to create a balanced experience for both celebrities and commoners who are participating as contestants," Omung Kumar said.

"The most prominent addition to the Bigg Boss house, however, is the jail. Painted to depict a filthy appearance, the jail will be a dungeon of sorts for contestants who break the rules. There is a special Indian-style bathroom installed for the qaidis (prisoners), and an earthen pot along with aluminium plates and mugs to make the entire experience more real," the Sarbjit director added.