Akansha Sharma
Will Akansha Sharma be eliminated in the second week of Bigg Boss 10 house.Bigg Boss

Akansha Sharma, who was evicted on Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss 10, revealed how her married life went from being bad to worse in no time. She was mentally tortured by her mother-in-law and was never given the time and space to build an equation with estranged husband Zorawar Singh.

Sharma and Singh's parents were friends and so, decided to marry off their kids. The BB10 contestant was okay with the arranged marriage, but it all happened so quick that she couldn't get to know Singh properly, she told Mid-Day.

After the nuptials, she realised her wings had been clipped and all she was allowed to do was stay in the kitchen and cook, despite all the four cooks that the family paid for. The mother-in-law would follow the couple everywhere, even to their honeymoon.

Sharma said because her husband didn't have an opinion of his own, it got very difficult to handle situations in which his mother would interfere and enforce her wishes on them. Sharma was almost forced into having a physical relationship with Singh.

"Just because you are married, you don't have to have sex immediately. You have to build a comfort level first. But, I was forced into it. She kept saying that if I want financial freedom, I will have to have sex. I'd rather become a prostitute, right? Maybe, she wanted to tie me down by getting me impregnated," Sharma elaborated.

She agreed that she had taken to alcohol and drugs, but that was only to escape from the mess that was her married life. Sharma contradicted claims that she used to get drunk and walk home, carrying bottles with her.

"When someone is tortured, they would resort to drinking. I never went home carrying a bottle; I know my limits. I never drank alone. Zorawar would often say 'let's drink' and I'd agree," she further elaborated.

She also rubbished allegations that she had threatened she would end her life if she was forced into changing her lifestyle. "I'm a fighter, why will I try to kill myself? I took money from my parents even after marriage. My family kept telling me to give it some more time. Without their support, I thought of running away—even stay on the streets than be tortured every day," she concluded.