Bigg Boss 10
Sahil Anand and Priyanka JaggaBigg Boss/ Twitter

Bigg Boss 10 is not one of the top-rated shows of Colors and in an effort to boost the TRP ratings, the makers have been introducing shocking twists and turns in the show. Rumour has it that two contestants will make an exit from the show on Sunday.

Sahil Anand is leaving the show for good, reported BollywoodLife. However, Jagga's ouster comes with a twist, claimed Business of Cinema. According to reports, the latter will be sent to a secret room from which she will keep an eye on the inmates in the house.

That's not all. There's more drama for viewers this weekend. Apparently, Bani J and Om Swami will get into a nasty tiff, so much as that host Salman Khan will be seen taking matters into his own hands. The superstar has apparently given some anger management tips to Bani.

According to a Mumbai Mirror insider, Khan told Bani not to lose her cool this often adding that snapping at random will not only affect her professional life, but also impact the lives of those who love her.

"Bani and Swami Om who are two of the most popular contestants this season got into a fight after Swami started cursing Bani's mother. When an infuriated Bani started throwing things around in the house and threatened to walk out of the show, Salman asked her to calm down and offered advice about how he used to have a similar temperament in his younger days, but has changed for the better now," the source further elaborated.