If you're a devoted fan of BIGBANG member G-Dragon, you'd have noticed that his Instagram videos are very similar to that of his dear friend Kiko Mizuhara. As soon as fans of GD pointed this out, many speculated if the singer is back with his rumoured ex-girlfriend.

On Thursday, 19 January, Kiko posted a video using Snapchat's bubble filter. In the video clip, the model/actress looks bemused at the bubbles float around her. While this can be easily dismissed as Kiko's attempt at using Snapchat, G-Dragon followed suit and posted a similar video. 

The following day, Jiyong aka G-dragon used Snapchat's bubble filter as well. In the video, his head is encased in a huge bubble. GD captioned the picture: "Golden Disc Awards," alluding to the award show he attended and won. 

According to Soompi, people's response to GD and Kiko's videos were "swift" and "divisive". One of his fans commented, "Those grills look ridiculous, and Kiko did this better, but you would make an awesome vampire." Others simply asked if the "Heartbreaker" singer is back with Kiko.

G-Dragon and Kikop Mizuhara's relationship was one of the most widely discussed topics in 2015. The couple, who were often spotted together, reportedly broke up in August last year. After that, Kiko confirmed that she was not dating GD and stated that the two are just friends.