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Big Little Lies episode 5 titled Once Bitten has been the best episode of the entire series aired until now. The episode spilled the beans on Reese Witherspoon's Madeline, revealing that she has been having an affair with the puppet master, Joseph, of the puppet show. The episode also featured Shailene Woodley's Jane in the rage of revenge against the man who raped her.

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But the highlight of the episode was the sex scene between Nicole Kidman's character Celeste and husband Perry on the kitchen counter. The beautiful actress portrayed the role of a victim of an abusive marriage phenomenally well. However, rumours are doing the rounds that these sex scenes are not being appreciated or even liked by Kidman's husband, Keith Urban.

Several tabloids have been claiming that the actress's husband is jealous of the on-screen nudity displayed by Kidman. A gossip website called RadarOnline published a story that said that Kidman's nudity in the show has made Urban uncomfortable. The website cited a source as saying, "Keith must be going nuts with jealousy watching his wife expose her naked body to another actor, and the world."

National Enquirer also made similar claims, stating that Urban is upset with wife's nudity depicted in the show. However, Gossip Cop got in touch with a source close to the couple to confirm if the claims are true. The website debunks the claims and says that the stories are false.

The show demands the nudity exposed by Kidman as she plays the role of Celeste, a home maker who is a victim of sexual abuse. Time and again, Kidman strips down to expose her character's bruises which help in the story telling. The Big Little Lies actress has done a great job in breaking open the character of Celeste.

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The star-studded miniseries by HBO has only one season and it is nearing its finale episode. You can stream all the episodes online. Full episodes are available on HBO's online streaming platform.