When the whole world is focusing their attention on the newest member of the Bachchan clan and her Miss World mother who is miserably caught in the "too fat" controversy, the head of the family, senior Bachchan is having a ball and a bit of fun with his Twitter friends besides playing with his grand daughter.

Son of a noted Indian poet, Amitabh is a gifted writer and ostensibly an ardent Twitter user ever since he joined the micro-blogging site.

Big B has a huge fan following, reaching a whopping 3 million in a short span of time. His tweets are both intelligent and interesting, which draws the attention of many.

Though the grandpa is busy playing with the seven-month toddler Aaradhya these days, it seems Big B has found a new love. Apparently, Sr. Bachchan has become a hyperpolyglot on Twitter of late.

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan's tweets (TWITTER)
Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan's tweets (TWITTER)

His excellent linguistic expertise has surprised his followers, who are both excited and stunned to see Big B tweeting in nearly nine to twelve different languages.

"Having a bit of fun with the TwFmXtNc by conversing with them in different languages - Russian, Bulgarian, German, Ukrainian, Japanese, Hebrew, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil ... ah !" Big B wrote on his bigb.bigadda blog.

"What a happy international group we have here, along with the happy group above on the Sunday. All of them a little surprised at my linguistic acumen," he wrote adding, "That above was almost the entire world, barring Spanish and Italian of course."

Big B is known for his experimentative nature, both in films and personal life. He keeps on trying new ways, without getting on to clich├ęs, to keep life exciting and lively.

Well, looking at his recent tweets, it's quite evident that he is indeed a passionate sports enthusiast. In the past few weeks, Sr.Bachchan has tweeted all major updates on football matches, with both excitement over the victory and feelings on loosing the match.

The actor seems to have thoroughly followed the Euro Cup 2012. In fact, he was busy watching the semi-final between Spain and Portugal on June 26 amid his death rumours that obviously turned out to be a hoax.

Recently, the 69-year-old also tweeted about their bundle of joy Aaradhya, on his blog, "Ever realized playing with the 'little one' for just a few minutes could be equivalent to an entire two hour workout in the gym! Child is the father of man."

Check out some more tweets in other languages:

Amitabh Bachchan's tweets
Amitabh Bachchan's tweets

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