Seungri and Hwasa
BIGBANG member Seungri and MAMAMOO's Hwasa on the August 20 episode of JTBC's 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.' Entertainment

Big Bang member Seungri recently advised Mamamoo's Hwasa about her career in the music industry. One such key advice was that she should look after the interests of bandmates who don't get as much spotlight as her.

As noted by website Soompi, K-pop artistes Seungri and Hwasa appeared on the August 20 episode of JTBC's cooking-variety show 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.' Seungri said Mamamoo reminded him of his BIGBANG debut days. He added that the girl group's distinctive musical style, concepts and character were a lot like BIGBANG's early style.

Seungri revealed how he was eventually pushed aside in BIGBANG because the powers that be, wanted to put the focus on someone else. Seungri recounted how during the promotions of the 2015 single 'Loser,' he was supposed to record the song all by himself but that did not happen. "For the first time ever, it said 'Chorus: Seungri' on the lyrics. It was the highlight of the song. So I thought, 'This is it. This is my chance to show my ability as a singer,'" Seungri said.

This was not meant to be, as Seungri added, "But when I arrived to record, it suddenly said 'Seungri and G-Dragon.' And in the recording booth, G-Dragon was also singing along with me. Softly. Even though he really doesn't have to." Seungri revealed that the music video directors kept filming him but gradually focussed on G-Dragon; giving him more coverage.

Hwasa tried to assure Seungri that this would never happen to them as every member gets a fair chance. "For us, every single member sings through the entire song once. From there, we divide the song to parts that are most appropriate for each member," she said. 

To this, Seungri added, "You must get along really well with your members." Speaking of his own BIGBANG bandmates, Seungri said, "For me, they'll give me grief about a getting a photo taken of me while I was sleeping."

This is when Seungri offered a valuable advice to Hwasa. "This is the time to check in with the other members. If all of the spotlights is on you, the other members could be a little upset. Your members are probably getting a ton of texts asking about you. Just like I got so many texts asking about G-Dragon. So it's necessary for you to take care of them," the BIGBANG singer said.

Seungri continued, "Something I want to say to the other members of MAMAMOO is that you need to make a path for yourself. Who's going to help you? No one! The entertainment business is cruel and cold. Especially agencies. They won't help you. They'll put all their staff on someone else, and you'll have no one."

Seungri is going to enlist in the South Korean military this year. Being the youngest member in BIGBANG, he is also joining the military last. 

Seungri also advised Hwasa to be careful about what they speak and to also know English well. "Because you're not perfect, and you can make a mistake at any time, you should always be careful of what you say, and always check to see if your mic is on or off. And when you're buying clothes that have English on them, it seems cool, right? You have to read it," he said.