"The Big Bang Theory" season 9 is all set to return after its midseason/winter break. CBS last aired episode 11, "The Opening Night Excitation", on 17 December, 2015, before going on a hiatus and will now air episode 12, "The Sales Call Sublimation", on 7 January, 2016. And if we have to assume by what the promo video, photos and synopsis tease, then it looks like Amy-Sheldon romance will continue to bloom, while Penny-Leonard may deal with some marital issues.

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Last time on "The Big Bang Theory" season 9, the fans witnessed the much-anticipated midseason finale. Over 24 million viewers saw Amy-Sheldon finally taking their relationship of five years to the next level. While the nerdy couple finally had sex, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh were seen catching up on the new "Star Wars" movie.

And now, the season returns after almost two weeks' hiatus and is expected to show what's next for all our favourite couples. According to various reports, Sheldon and Raj will team up to make new astronomical discoveries and Sheldon ends up finding an asteroid. They, after a mutual understanding, decide to name the asteroid "Amy". When Amy hears this, she is baffled by Sheldon's romantic gesture.

On the other hand, Penny and Leonard realise that romance has fled from their relationship after they end-up having sit-in with therapist Dr Sarita Gallo. And the couple is seen blaming Sheldon, whom Penny calls "man-child" in the promo video.

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette finally have some time to themselves, after Stuart moves out.

Official synopsis for "The Sales Call Sublimation" reads: "Penny gets more than she bargained for when Leonard agrees to meet with a psychiatrist on her behalf. Plus, Howard and Bernadette can't believe how it feels after Stuart moves out, and Sheldon and Raj collaborate on an astronomical discovery."

"The Big Bang Theory" season 9 episode 12 titled "The Sales Call Sublimation" will be aired on 7 January, 2016, at 8 pm on CBS.