"The Big Bang Theory" is halfway through season 9 and the show is all set to air the fall finale episode before it goes on a mid-season break. And going by the preview and synopsis, it looks like episode 11 will have a planet of big moments and guest appearances.

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Last week in episode 9, fans finally witnessed that kiss they had been waiting for a long time. Thanks to the Beach Boys' inspiration, Sheldon finally realised that he cares for Amy and wants to get back with her.

In "The Earworm Reverberation", we saw Sheldon obsessing over a song, soon to realise that the lyrics is about Amy and his relationship. So, he rushes to her apartment where Amy is spending time with Dave, and confesses his feelings for her. She finally agrees and they kiss passionately.

It looks like the couple is not quite satisfied with just a lip lock and is planning to take things to the next level. According to the synopsis, Amy and Sheldon are contemplating to spend their first night together. We can assume that this is a big decision for Sheldon, especially when all the other boys are planning to watch new "Star Wars" movie.

But, the preview of "The Opening Night Excitation" shows Leonard, Howard, and Raj trying to find someone to take their extra ticket for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". So, one can safely assume that maybe Sheldon is not joining them and has other important plans.

While fans wait to watch Amy and Sheldon consummate their relationship, you can't help go back in time when the couple broke up after Sheldon dodged intimacy for "The Flash". Will he do it again? Will he choose "Star Wars" over having sex with Amy?

Well, maybe not. According to various reports, Dr. Arthur Jeffries aka Prof. Proton, will appear in Sheldon's dreams and this time as a Jedi to help him make this very important decision.

The official plot synopsis of episode 11 reads: "Dr. Arthur Jeffries, played by Bob Newhart, appears to Sheldon in a dream to offer some words of wisdom. Then, after more than five years of dating, ShAmy decide to spend their first night together. Plus, at nearly the same time, Leonard, Howard, and Raj must decide who they'll bring with them to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on "The Opening Night Excitation."

"The Big Bang Theory" season 9 episode 11 titled "The Opening Night Excitation" will be aired on 17 December, at 8 pm on CBS.