"The Big Bang Theory" season 9 is all set to return after its brief midseason break. CBS last aired episode 11, titled "The Opening Night Excitation", on 17 December and will now be airing episode 12, "The Sales Call Sublimation", on 7 January, 2016.

The flavour of this season is definitely Amy and Sheldon, who finally took their relationship of 5.5 years to the next level after they had their very first sexual encounter with each other in episode 11. Now that the couple has finally progressed, the next episode 12 will also focus on how their relationship continues to bloom when the season returns.

Now, fans are wondering if the last episode's development mean that wedding is on the cards for Amy and Sheldon? But the showrunner has said that it might not happen anytime soon. "At some point, I'm sure it will [bring it back]. I promise you we have not forgotten about it," said executive producer Steve Molaro to TV Guide when asked about Amy-Sheldon wedding.

The promo clip of the upcoming episode shows Sheldon missing Amy while she is away attending a neurobiology conference. And the show's fan spoiler site has also teased that Amy will be baffled by Sheldon's romantic gesture, but Raj will be upset.

According to the website, Sheldon and Raj will team up in finding a new planet and Sheldon will discover a new asteroid. The two of them will decide to combine their surnames so that their asteroid would be called "Kooper". However, Leonard suggests them to name it after their respective girlfriends -- Emily and Amy.

To this, Sheldon says that the asteroid be called Amy. "Am" from Amy's name, and "Y" from Emily's, but Raj doesn't like the idea because the asteroid's final name will just read Amy.

Anyway, Sheldon calls Amy and tells her about this asteroid he named after her and she tells Sheldon that they might have to name all of their children Raj just to return the favour.

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 9 is on a winter break and will return with episode 12, titled "The Sales Call Sublimation", on 7 January, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.