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"The Big Bang Theory" is on a short hiatus and the next episode of season 8, titled "The Clean Room Infiltration" will not air until 11 December.

The new episode is going to bring forth a lot of interesting twists and turns, as it will see Leonard and Wolowitz nearly come to blows over a work-related emergency, which involves a bird, and Amy and Sheldon butt-heads when it comes to planning their holiday festivities.

According to spoilers, the episode is Christmas-themed, where Sheldon will go to great lengths to ruin the holiday season for Amy. Sheldon does not believe in celebrating Christmas and when Amy goes about planning an authentic Victorian Christmas party, her boyfriend does not approve. But this time around Amy is not going to give to Sheldon's whims and fancies, and the episode will see Sheldon seeking revenge on her for making him celebrate the holidays.

Sheldon is also unhappy with the fact that Amy kissed him under the mistletoe in public while they were shopping for a Christmas tree. Therefore, he hatches a plan to get her a gift that would make her feel worthless. Sheldon's motivation to get Amy a gift is based on the belief that she will feel mortified when he gifts her something, as she hasn't bought anything for him as per the rules of their agreement.

This will be "The Big Bang Theory's" fifth Christmas-themed episode, and the first one where Raj's father will be shown visiting Pasadena. As viewers earlier saw, Raj was devastated when his parents told him their decision to divorce, and Dr Koothrappali will come over to visit his son in a bid to move on from his failed marriage.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "Leonard and Wolowitz nearly come to blows and turn to Raj for help in dealing with a work emergency. Meanwhile, Amy throws an authentic Victorian Christmas party, and Sheldon seeks revenge on her for making him celebrate the holidays."

The episode will air on 11 December on CBS.