After testing Covid-positive on Thursday morning, US President Joe Biden, aged 79 and has been quadruple-vaccinated, led to speculation and sarcasm galore.

Although his age places him at critical-Covid possibility but Biden's physician Dr Kevin O'Connor announced on Sunday that the US President continues to improve significantly after testing positive. The doctor further said that Biden was experiencing no shortness of breath or reduced oxygen levels and his main symptom remained sore throat.

U.S. President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe BidenIANS

Biden received his first set of vaccinations before January 202, his first booster in September and second booster dose on March 30 of this year. The President most likely has contracted a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus, which is also currently spreading rapidly through the United States.

The variant, known as BA.5, is an offshoot of the also highly contagious Omicron strain responsible for third and fourth wave in several countries, earlier this year. Although his physician said the results of the preliminary sequencing that indicated the BA.5 variant do not affect Biden's treatment plan in any way.

Dr Kevin O'Connor, also wrote in his latest health update on Biden, that his symptoms, "a runny nose and cough had become less troublesome." His described the President's vital signs such as blood pressure and respiratory rate as, "entirely normal," and oxygen levels as, "excellent." The President, continues to isolate in the White House residence ever since being diagnosed.

What is Biden's Covid treatment?

Ever since it was cleared in December, Pfizer's Paxlovid has been considered a game-changer to treat the critically-ill Covid patients. Paxlovid, together with vaccines and boosters, is being rooted by the medical fraternity as the best way of according protection against critical illness.

The anti-viral drug from Pfizer, available in the form of a tablet, is made from two medicines, nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. The drug has been licensed for emergency use, in those aged 12 and above and weighing a minimum of 88 kilos, by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Of social media and speculations

President's Biden's health updates and the statements from different sources of media led themselves to speculations galore. "How do you improve significantly, when all that's wrong is a sore throat?" posted a user in sarcasm. "Can we let him stay quarantined for two more years?" joked another.

Comparisons between when former US President Donald Trump tested positive and Joe Biden were not few and far between. Many culled out past media briefings where Biden talks about not getting Covid if one was vaccinated.