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YouTube: Phenomenal Travel Videos

Praveen Mohan, a travel journalist who runs the YouTube channel 'Phenomenal Travel Videos' has uploaded a video showing a bicycle carving in a 2000-year-old Indian temple. Modern cycle was just 200 years old.

Praveen Mohan reveals that he has spotted the bicycle carving in a dark corner of the Pancha Varna Swamy temple, a Hindu worshipping place dedicated to Lord Shiva in Woraiyur, a suburb in the town of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.

In the video, the narrator argues that bicycle was invented just 200 years back, but the temple's carving was made more than 2000 years ago.

"In a dark corner, on one of the walls, we can see this amazing carving of a man riding a bicycle. Historians tell us that the bicycle was invented in 1800s, just 200 years ago, but how was this carved in this ancient temple which is about 2000 years old?," said Praveen in the video.

The rock carving seen inside the temple really looks like a bicycle, and a man can be seen riding it. A closer look at the carving reveals that the man is sitting in the saddle of the bicycle holding the handle with his hands. It should be noted that one of his feet is seen clearly on the pedal, and the attire of the man indicates that he is an Indian by birth.

"There are two wheels, this is clearly a bicycle, there is absolutely no doubt about this. And we have read in history books, that bikes were invented in the last 200 years in Europe. But this carving does not show a European. Is it possible that bikes were used in India thousands of years ago? Are we looking at evidence of suppressed history?," added Praveen.

The travel journalist also lashed out against Indian historians for covering up the glorious Indian history. He argued that ancient Indians were well aware of various advanced technologies and this bicycle carving is just one evidence of it.

As per Praveen, a reference of Pancha Varna Swamy temple was first made in the 7th-century text called Tevaram. He argues that the book which was written in ancient Tamil had apparently mentioned the name of this temple very precisely.

"There are not only inscriptions on the temple walls to prove that this is an ancient temple, this site was even recorded by the Greek geographer Ptolemy who lived about 1900 years ago, so this temple must be at least 2000 years old," concludes the travel journalist.

The video uploaded by Praveen Mohan soon went viral, and viewers put forward their thoughts explaining this eerie sculpture.

"This thing is carved there on the plain sight for thousands of years yet stayed unnoticed by the mainstream researchers," commented S R, a YouTube user.

"Keep the good work. Your country's history is actually mind-blowing. And there is much more into it. The more you look, the more you'll find. And don't worry about what they say, they don't know squat about many other things and will try to put down anything they disagree about," commented Vladimir Hammerstien, another YouTuber.