Sonali Kulkarni

One of the most notable actress of the Marathi film industry, Sonali Kulkarni, has received massive flak from various sections of the society and fans for agreeing to play Salman Khan's mother in Bharat. Sonali, 44, who is much younger than Salman, 53, was called out for agreeing to play Salman's mother in the film. Viewers questioned her decision to play such a part.

Now, in an interview with HT Café, Sonali has said, "My roles are my choice. I have to stand by my choice proudly, which I do. I am touched with the audience's and critics' observation. But I also played Hrithik [Roshan's] adoptive mom in Mission Kashmir back in 2000 (laughs). People will definitely comment, and they are right. But it's not like every time it comes out of criticism, it sometimes, comes out of concern also."

On being asked about her experience of working with Salman Khan, she said that she was nervous about working with him because of the stories she had heard about his timing, attitude etc. However, in reality, things were pretty different, said Sonali, "I was pretty nervous because have stories floating around about how he is a star like, and how he does this or that, whether he will remember lines or come to sets time. He was fabulous with his lines. In fact, he came up with suggestions and improvisations. I really liked his vibe on the sets. I never saw him carrying the weight of being a superstar."

Sonali has worked in notable films like – Dil Chahta Hai, Mission Kashmir, The Square Circle etc. She has also worked as the leading lady in Oscar-nominated – The Good Road.