Sonali Kulkarni, the lead actress in the film "The Good Road", is delighted that her first Gujarati film has been selected for the Oscars.  

Gyan Correa directorial "The Good Road" has been selected for 86th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category by Film Federation of India (FFI).

However, filmmakers of "The Lunchbox" are not happy with the decision.

Anurag Kashyap, one of the producers of "The Lunchbox", expressed his disappointment on Twitter saying "for the first time we had a chance and I was waiting for it."

Controversies erupted due to his tweet, following which the producer deleted his Twitter handle on Monday. Kashyap's last tweet read: "Bye bye twitter. Enough feeding the wannabe journal..."

Filmmaker Karan Johar, one of the producers of the film, expressed shock and disappointment over FFI's decision. 

"#LUNCHBOX had every factor working in its favour...we may have just lost our golden chance....SAD," Karan had tweeted.

However, actress Sonali Kulkarni took the comments on her film sportingly and said she won't apologise for "The Good Road" making it to the Oscars.

"I have also been disappointed many times in my life when I didn't get a National Award even though I had given sterling performances in films like Devrai, Deool and Daayra. At that time there we didn't have social networking sites. So, I couldn't voice my disappointment! So, I would take people's comments sportingly! But, I'm certainly not going to apologies for my film making it to the Oscars," she told The Times of India.

She also explained that it is a proud moment for her.

"We are still not in the top 5. But it is a pat on my back for making India proud. I am on 'the good road' of making right choices," she told Deccan Chronicle.

Sonali Kulkarni
Sonali KulkarniVarinder Chawla
Sonali Kulkarni
Sonali KulkarniVarinder Chawla