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For Kerala's independent legislator PC George, making controversial statements is nothing new. The Poonjar MLA's latest remark on the abducted actress has raised several eyebrows. During a recent press meeting, PC asked how could the actress, who is said to have been brutally assaulted in a moving car on February 17, go back to work the very next day.

Unlike PC's claim, the actress got back to the shooting of her next Malayalam movie only a week after the mishap and not the very next day.

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The politician who questioned the integrity of the actress added that there is no evidence for the survived actress' claims. "The claims of the police are unbelievable. The latest updates in the case are clearly atrocities against men," said PC while speaking to media at Alappuzha. He had earlier said that actor Dileep was framed in the case.

Bhagyalakshmi, PC George, Dileep, Bhavana

The unacceptable verbal attack by George has irked many including popular dubbing artiste Bhagyalakshmi who gave a fitting reply to the legislator via her Facebook page. 

She wrote: "I was trying not to react but what to do when the actress is being targeted again with unacceptable allegations by MLA PC George. He insulted her for going to work the next day after being assaulted. He raised the questions on how she could go to work the next day of assault and in which hospital she was treated [translated from Malayalam]," Bhagyalakshmi posted on her social media page.

"The people's representative's comments suggest that a woman who gets assaulted or molested must end her life. Is getting assaulted a funny issue for you? Or is it so because she is an actress? If something like this had happened to your daughters, would you lock them up inside your house? Will you claim they are just lying?" the actress-turned-dubbing artiste added.

Bhagyalakshmi went on to say: "Dear George sir, many might have appreciated you for speaking out openly, but this is a cruel statement, and don't think people will cheer you for this. Are you trying to protect Pulsar Suni? According to the girl's statement, she was attacked by Suni and his gang. People will understand the pain only when they suffer. The members of AMMA association had claimed that the actress is also their daughter. Will the association react against this person who has insulted its daughter?" she added.

Meanwhile, during the press meet, George also challenged the state government to probe the assets of superstars Mohanlal and Mammootty. He said Dileep became successful only through hard work.

On Tuesday night, another video of PC George surfaced online in which he gives a clarification on his statements.

Here's singer Sayanora's response:

Why should PC George stop making comments on this case? Who will bell the Poonjar MLA?

Going by the recent comments of George, the Poonjar MLA tried to point out that the survivor lied about the whole assault incident despite the medical report confirming that she was brutally attacked. Women restrain from reporting incidents of sexual assault because of the social taboo associated with it. When someone musters up the courage to raise against such incidents and proceed legally, comments in the likes of PC George only reflect the regressive and patriarchal mindset of our larger society.

The actress could put up a fight by getting back to work only with the immense support she received from her friends and family, including her fiancé. "Life has knocked me down a few times, it showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced sadness and failures. But one thing for sure, I always get up #ThankYouAll #ForTheLove #ForThePrayers [sic]," she had posted on her Instagram page.

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Also, why didn't Women in Cinema Collective, the association formed by the women in Malayalam entertainment industry, respond to the insensitive claims by the legislator? Following the complaint by the association, the Kerala Women's Commission had earlier filed a case against actors Salim Kumar and Aju Varghese for badmouthing and revealing the identity of the survivor. But their silence now exposes the double standards within them.