Hole in the skull
Brianna and AustinFacebook

Energy drinks are hugely popular but one may not know that they can cause some serious health issues. According to National Institute of Health, caffeine present in it can cause major health conditions which include problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Moreover, an excess of anything is harmful. A couple learnt it in a hard way when addiction to energy drinks allegedly left a giant hole in a man's skull while his wife was pregnant with their first child.

Brianna shared the heart-wrenching story in a post shared on Endres Photography's Facebook page, which has been deleted now. According to AOL, Brianna wrote on Facebook that her husband Austin started consuming energy drinks "when he started working longer hours and commuting."

Brianna wrote: "You're creating a new life. You are experiencing unconditional love for someone you have not even met. Austin and I were so excited to meet our little boy. To bring him home. To be a family."

Amid all this, Brianna said that she received news of Austin's accident from her mother-in-law. She was told that her husband was in the hospital but didn't know what exactly happened.

"After a two-hour drive to the hospital, I learned that my husband, the father of my child, the person I am so deeply in love with, had had a brain haemorrhage. Why? The doctors concluded (after running his tox screen and ruling out drugs) that this horrible event was due to his recent excessive energy drink consumption (a habit he had built when he started working longer hours and commuting)," Brianna wrote.

Austin had to undergo a life-saving procedure. "Surgery was already in motion... and after an agonizing five-hour wait, we got to see him," Brianna mentioned.

The next day, Brianna said that Austin had to undergo a second round of brain surgery. "Following this were strokes, seizures, swelling, and more things we weren't prepared for," she wrote.

Brianna continued in her emotional post: "Being by my side. Holding my hand. Being there to cut the cord. Being there to welcome our son into the world. It didn't feel right... But a beautiful miracle happened as I delivered our son. Austin woke up."

After the tragic brain haemorrhage and multiple surgeries later, Austin was left with an irreparable hole in the front of his skull, Brianna claimed.