Deepika Padukone sets a new benchmark in fashion and styling every time she comes out to promote a film. Padukone's gowns and pantsuits doled out major power statements during 83 promotions. And, her latest dress during Gehraiyaan promotions has set social media on fire. The diva was seen flaunting her curves in a gorgeous tangerine dress.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika PadukoneInstagram

Deepika trolled for her dress

Deepika's fiery choice for the film promotions made everyone take notice. And while many loved her confidence in the outfit, some were not too impressed. Trolls came lashing out at the talented actress over her choice of clothing. "Taking inspiration from Urfi Javed," said one. "That has to be from Urfi Javed's closet," said another.

"Better come naked that wear such hideous dress," said a user. "This is not fashion, this is fashion blunder," opined another. "Where is your shame?" questioned a user. "No decency in dressing," wrote another social media user. "Would go to any lengths to promote," said another netizen.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Many impressed

However, there were many who loved the ribbed orange dress. "The goddess of fashion is here," opined one. "This is what we call style and sass," said another. "She is pure fire!" wrote a social media user. "This is just hot hot hot," said another netizen. "Fiery emoji," was shared by another social media user.

"Shakun gave me and all of us the comfort, you feel safe and secure because intimacy is not easy. It is not something that we ever experienced or explored in Indian cinema before in a way we have in this film," Deepika said about her sexual scenes with Sidhant Chaturvedi in Gehraiyaan.