Certain sex positions burn more calories than others.Creative Commons.

Sex burns calories – it's no secret. It might not be as intense as a jog or heavy workout session, but it can still make you sweat.

Certain studies over the past few years have also established that a heavy 30-minute session of 'sexercise' can burn up to 150 calories – something that 15 minutes of jogging can do. In one particular research, 30 minutes of sex helped men burn 101 calories, while women burnt about 69 calories, meaning an average of 3.6 calories burnt per minute.

But the amount of calories burnt through sex largely depends on the sex position you're opting for. Some positions are definitely better at burning calories as opposed to others – strictly based on the golden rule that the more scope for movement, the more calories you'll burn.

Basically, the more sweaty and out of breath you get, the better is the position for burning calories. As per a research, the person on top burns more calories than the one on the bottom. So here's a roundup of sex positions based on the number of calories they burn.

1. Missionary

Healthline claims that the missionary position with the man atop the woman burns just a mere 14 calories for her, and 47 calories for him in a 10 minutes session.

But men using their arms to hold themselves up, like a plank, and thrusting with their pelvic muscles helps burn more energy. For women, squeezing their glutes and using their core to lift their pelvic can offer a good bum workout.

[Representational Image] Experts say kiss hormone can boost sexual desire for women.Creative Commons

2. Doggy Style

According to Stellar Magazine, men can really work out their core muscles in this position. Women can do the same and burn up to 85 calories, by exercising their quads, hamstrings, and arms.

If women can also hold their weight up, they can get a decent arm and shoulder workout too.

3. Cowgirl

Stellar Magazine calls this the best position for women, in terms of working out, as they can burn up to 135 calories in a 30-minute session. The lower part of legs braced upon the bed or the floor causes the bum and core muscles work out.

In fact, coming up on the feet in a squatting position above the man can give them a bum, legs and hips workout, reveals Fitness Magazine.

4. The Arch

As complicated as the position sounds, it burns just 60 calories in 15 minutes, which seems nothing compared to all the effort that goes in to make love in this position.

It is a great toning position for women though, as they have to lie on their back with hands flat beside them, as they lift and rise their back and legs up to form an arch. The man has to rise on his knees to meet her.

Using this position, women get to work out their calves, quads, lower and upper back, triceps, shoulders and even core muscles.

Standing up during sex helps tone the body for both men and women. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

5. Standing Up

Healthline says that standing up during sex with the woman in front can help her burn up to 30 calories, and the man burns 51 calories in just 10 minutes. But holding her up for sex would help him burn 65 calories, and her, 40.

The position works in favor of toning the body up. Men get an active leg group and core workout, while women can brace the arms against the wall and help thrust.