corn seller
Selvamma has been gifted an energy conservation-based equipment by Bengaluru-based SELCO foundations which makes her job of grilling corn much easier.Twitter/ SELCO Foundation

Outside Bengaluru's Vidhan Soudha (State Legislative Assembly), 80-year-old Selvamma has been roasting corn for almost two decades. But old age has taken a toll on her business as she no longer can use a manual fan while grilling her corn since the entire process is exhausting. 

However, Selvamma no longer needs to worry about losing out on her profits since Bengaluru-based SELCO Foundation has provided her with solar panels, a Direct Current fan and a lithium-ion battery that makes her job and life easier.

SELCO foundation which aims to provide affordable environment-friendly energy resources said that the provision of solar energy powered equipment is part of a larger initiative aimed at reducing the energy loss.

Priced at Rs 9,000 per equipment, the foundation is planning to reduce its cost to Rs 6000. The equipment works on the simple-energy conservation model of converting the solar energy into the electrical energy and later mechanical energy. And not just that! The coal which is used for grilling the corn is also used by it, which reduces the air pollution.

Selvamma is grateful to the SELCO Foundation for giving a new lease of life to her small business by gifting her this equipment. She says that she lives near the SELCO Foundation's office and the challenges at work have been overcome by this gift, which saves her time as well as effort.

SELCO Foundation has called the initiative as a customised solution for the corn vendors in Bengaluru and Selvamma's example may set the right beginning.