Bengaluru traffic police mannequins
Bengaluru traffic police mannequinTwitter

The Bengaluru Traffic Police has come up with creative measures to curb traffic violations in the city by installing mannequin's dressed up as traffic cops around Silicon Valley.

The mannequins are dressed up as traffic police with white and khaki uniform along with reflector jackets, hats, and black boots. Some of them have also been spotted wearing sunglasses. The traffic police have put up nearly 30 mannequins all over the city on a trial basis.

Even though the police have taken strict measures against traffic violators such contraventions are rampant in the city. Police believe that with the installation of mannequins people will follow the traffic rules knowing that there is police presence near. The location of the mannequins will be changed regularly so that people don't get used to them and continue traffic violations.

Bengaluru traffic police mannequin
Bengaluru traffic police mannequinTwitter

Bhaskar Rao, IPS takes initiative

The initiative was taken by the Bengaluru city police Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, IPS and Joint Commissioner (traffic), BR Ravikanthe Gowda, IPS. Gowda said that he came up with the idea after observing motorists putting on helmets, drivers fastening their seat- belts and stopping using mobile phones after they spot traffic policemen from a distance, reports PTI.

He said that if the mannequin police become a success, more will be deployed. The traffic department also plans on placing traffic mannequins with cameras in future that will help in tracking vehicles and identify violators.

Bengaluru traffic police
Bengaluru traffic police cardboard dummiesTwitter

Earlier, the city traffic police had installed cardboard displays of traffic cops at important junctions with the same goal. The current mannequins will be used only during day time and will be removed after sunset.