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In a bid to stop illegal parking on main roads, the Bengaluru Traffic Police has asked the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to levy a heavy fine on people parking their vehicles in the 'no parking zones'. The fine could go up to Rs 10,000.

The Mumbai Police had begun the trend a few years back when they fined people for illegally parking their vehicles near public parking lots. BBMP is currently going through the BMC's rule book in order to make their own rules in Bengaluru.

"We have asked the BBMP to prepare a draft by involving the other departments, as the rules have to be implemented within its corporation limits," P Harishekharan, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), was quoted as saying by Deccan Herald.

He added that it has become especially difficult to handle traffic in the Central Business District (CBD) in Bengaluru since the number of violations committed is only increasing due to the increasing number of vehicles in the area.

"Illegal parking causes heavy traffic congestion along the major roads of the city. We feel the existing fine amounts are not enough to deter violators. We need to impose heavy fine along the lines of the BMC. The BBMP will study it and seek approval from its council," Harishekharan said.

Like the Mumbai model, the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) has recommended a fine between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 depending on the gravity of the situation. In addition to this, defaulters will be made to pay a hefty fine as well.

"We are going through the rules and regulations. Usually, these works are done by the transport department, but since these rules have to be enforced within BBMP limits, we will prepare a draft and place it before the BBMP council. Later, the council's resolution will be moved to the state government for approval. The fine amount may vary based on the CBD and the newly added areas of the city. However, after we prepare the draft, the Bengaluru Traffic Police will have to request us to include this draft in BBMP's subject before the council. Once they send us the proposal, we will move this subject to BBMP's council for approval."