In an unusual burglary attempt in Bengaluru's Kadugodi, a thief broke into a flat and managed to loot electronic gadgets along with the banking cards, all worth Rs 4 lakh, surprisingly, while the flat owner was alongside the other room. The complainant, Priya Sweety, a software engineer by profession, has filed a complaint on the incident.

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Over four lakh things looted 

According to the complaint, Priya said she was at home when the thief entered the flat and started looting her things. Yet strangely, she remained unknown to it all. Priya came to know about the theft when she came to the next room, looking for her laptop. Finding it missing, the software engineer started to search her flat, only to find her front door left open!

"I do not know where the security guard was at the time of the incident," says the shocked house owner. "He (thief) might have gotten lucky with my house window open," she added.

The window is placed right next to the front main door, which probably would have provided a smooth entry to the thief. The accused must have thereby managed to open the main door through the window sans any noise.

"He walked inside while I was cleaning my room and picked up all the electronic gadgets which were lying outside in the hall," said Priya.

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Lookout notice issued 

Based on the CCTV footage, the Kadugodi police have identified the accused. A lookout notice has been issued and a wide search for the thief is underway. 

"We checked the CCTV footage in the apartment where he was seen entering the building around 5:50 am and is seen entering my flat. I have submitted the footage to the police along with the complaint copy," she said. 

In addition to her office laptop, the thief has stolen Priya's latest One Plus 7T Pro smartphone, a Casio wristwatch, along with her credit and debit cards; all worth around Rs 4 lakh in sum.