From stress to serenity: How Apple Watch became B'luru techie's lifesaving companion
From stress to serenity: How Apple Watch became B'luru techie's lifesaving companionIBT

It is often observed that in demanding workplaces, the significance of personal health often takes a backseat. With modern technology available at our fingertips, things can be changed for the better, especially where personal health and well-being are concerned. This is the story of an individual from Bengaluru named Sharath Sriram, 25, who is an Apple Watch user, and only recently he realised how his wearable tech emerged as a beacon of awareness. Filled with gratitude, Sharath even wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook, thanking Apple for the "fantastic product" in a heartwarming letter.

As the lead software developer in a challenging workplace environment, Sharath initially brushed off the signs of stress. Long hours, unsupportive superiors, and mounting workload eventually took a toll on his mental and physical health. High heart rate notifications from his Apple Watch served as a wake-up call, prompting him to confront the reality of his situation.

While initially hesitant to acknowledge the severity of his condition, Sharath's concern grew as the high heart rate episodes persisted. Sharing the concerns with his wife, was followed by a decision to seek medical advice. The doctor's diagnosis underscored the profound impact of stress on Sharath's health, urging him to prioritize his well-being.

"The doctor made me take a clinical ECG and a few blood tests. After assessing the reports, she concluded that there was nothing wrong with my physical health except for the fact that my mental health had started affecting my physical health drastically. She told me that continuous exposure to such stress (even for just a couple more months) could compound the effects of it on my heart health and lead to more serious issues. This was very surprising to me because I had not expected that it could become such a serious issue. If I hadn't seen the readings on the Watch, I probably wouldn't have even consulted a doctor," Sharath told International Business Times.

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With the help of the insights from his Apple Watch and medical consultation, Sharath decided it was time to leave his toxic workplace environment. Despite the challenges of navigating a job search amidst stress, his determination paid off with multiple offers and a newfound sense of relief.

The Apple Watch continued to play a crucial role in Sharath's journey beyond his workplace transition. Utilizing its features for tracking heart rate, sleep patterns, and mood correlations, he found motivation to prioritize his health. The device's practical and actionable data empowered him to make informed lifestyle choices.

"I am not someone who is inherently into fitness or hitting the gym. So the Apple Watch's data has been a prime motivation for me to focus on my health and improve my lifestyle. When there are a string of days where I don't do much physical activity, I can see the effect of that on my sleep and my heart rate. This starts affecting my moods and how I feel through the day. Seeing all this data visually gives me a reminder that I need to set my lifestyle right and helps me take the right action. I now monitor my heart rate, sleep, temperature and moods regularly and see the correlations between them," Sharath explained.

AFib History now available in India for Apple Watch users; see eligible models [details]
AFib History available in India for Apple Watch usersApple

As Sharath reflects on his journey, he emphasizes the broader implications of wearable technology for individuals in similar circumstances. Beyond fitness tracking, the Apple Watch's focus on mental health and holistic well-being signifies a paradigm shift in how technology can support individuals in achieving their full potential.

"Wearable technology is a game changer for people like us because it reminds us that there are other aspects to life that we need to tend to. I love that the Watch now also focuses on mental health, because working in tech is a mentally taxing job, we need to be really active mentally and in the right mindset to do our best work. We already have the best tools to do great work, wearable technology is now paving the way for us to have the best tools to be the best versions of our physical and mental selves," he concluded.

Sharath's experience is another feather in Apple's hat, wherein its wearable smartwatch has often been hailed as a life-saving gadget. There are plenty of instances where Apple Watch users have been saved by the crucial health and emergency features. Some of the key health features in Apple Watch include heart rate notifications, irregular rhythm notifications, ECG, AFib history, fall detection, blood oxygen monitoring, low cardio fitness notifications, and more. 

Have you had a similar experience with the Apple Watch? Share your story with us. 

Sharath Sriram's letter to Tim Cook
Sharath Sriram's letter to Tim Cook