Bengaluru, Nov 20 (IANS) The three-day 24th edition of the technology meet, Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS)-2021, which is Karnataka's flagship event ended on Friday evening on a high note.

In his concluding remarks, E.V. Ramana Reddy, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science and Technology, said the event clocked 26,863 registered delegates with nearly 49,935 attendees.

Bengaluru tech summit

The BTS-2021 has reached more than four crore viewers, including 2.93 crore impressions through various social media channels, including digital channels and 98,10,500 viewers through mainstream media, he added.

Reddy said the BTS 2021 meet saw the conduct of 8 plenary sessions, 75 sessions in four tracks, 18 sessions on-demand, and 343 speakers.

For the first time 48 countries participated in the annual tech event apart from 27 EU nations and 54 Commonwealth countries, he added.

He said the event saw three ministerial-level delegations and the participation of 1253 international delegates.

The BTS 2021 meet saw 2130 emails exchanged and 688 meetings conducted, he said, adding that the event saw 340 expo participants from Australia, Pennsylvania, the US, the UK, Toronto (Canada), New South Wales and Germany, besides 24,511 visitors.

The Additional Chief Secretary said the Software Technology Parks of India IT Export Awards were given away along with Smart Bio Awards. The event saw the 22nd edition of the Rural IT Quiz being conducted despite the Covid-19 pandemic which had nearly 1.8 crore students participating from eight states -- Karnataka, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, he added.

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The BTS 2021 saw the 14th edition of the Bio Quiz with more than 590 students participating in it, of which 60 per cent were girls, Reddy said.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the technology event saw 8,507 registered delegates and 19,381 attendees. In 2020, there were 12 keynote sessions and 93 sessions on four tracks. The event saw the participation of 357 speakers, 25 countries, 731 international delegates, 10 ministerial-level delegations and 8 MoUs announced, Ramana Reddy added.

Meena Nagaraj, Director, Department of Electronics was also present.