Bengaluru violence
 A mob gathered outside Congress legislator Akanda Srinivas Murthy's house where they shouted slogans against the post and also resorted to arson. The mob was demanding the arrest of Naveen, who is related to Murthy and rioted in DJ Halli, KG Halli and Pulakeshi Nagar. (Photo: IANS)IANS

The Bengaluru riots earlier on August 11th has created a stir in India about violence and has reopened the communal debate. As new developments emerge in the case, the Bengaluru police said on Monday that one of the detained has been in touch with an accused in the case of the murder of RSS activist Rudresh.

The detainee has also been in touch with Al-Hind members over the years. A probe into the matter is set to begin as the man is taken into custody.

Samiuddin had connections to Al-Hind and RSS activist murder accused

On Monday, Sandeep Patil the Joint Commissioner of Bengaluru city police had told ANI about one of the detainees in the Bengaluru riot on August 11th Samiuddin. Samiuddin who was involved in the DJ Halli violence on that particular was found to have some curious connections.

Sandeep Patil said that Samiuddin was in contact with a murder accused in the RSS activist murder case of Rudresh. He was also in touch with Al-Hind members, the terror group over the years.

ACP Venugopal to inquire the matter further

Samiuddin will be taken into custody and the probe shall begin. Further, it was revealed that ACP Venugopal will be inquiring into the matter further. 

BS Yediyurappa tweet
Yediyurappa's tweet on SIT team to investigate the Bengaluru riot.@BSYBJP/Twitter

The Bengaluru police have arrested over 300 people in connection to the case and over 52 FIRs filed in the case. Karnataka CM Yediyurappa announced on Monday that an SIT has been formed to investigate the events of August 11 on Twitter, "A Special Investigation Team has already been formed to conduct a detailed investigation in the matter and a team of three special prosecutors will be appointed for speedy trial of the cases. SIT will consider invoking Goonda Act if warranted."