A pregnant woman in Bengaluru on Monday had to deliver her baby in an auto-rickshaw in front of the hospital. The woman was waiting for a bed for 8 hours, the baby died in the process. Former CM Siddaramaiah has called for action. The incident took place in front of the KC General Hospital. 

Woman delivers a baby in an auto

The shocking video of a woman delivering her child in the auto has been making the rounds of social media. The video is being regarded as evidence of the fact that the Bengaluru healthcare system is in shambles. 

Woman delivers baby in an auto

Even as the Karnataka government has promised strict action against hospitals who deny patients admission, reports and videos such as these continue to make the news. The woman and her family were on the streets of Bengaluru searching for a hospital from 3 AM in the morning.

After an 8-hour wait, the woman delivered the baby in an auto in front of KC General hospital after being turned away from private and government hospitals alike. Unfortunately, her child didn't survive.

The opposition who has come across this video led by Siddaramaiah has pulled up the ruling party on why this happened in the first place, "A pregnant woman, who was experiencing labour pain, was denied treatment by many hospitals in Bengaluru. She lost her newborn baby after delivering it in an autorickshaw.@CMofKarnataka, I urge you to take action against all those hospitals that denied treatment," Siddaramaiah said in his tweet

siddaramaiah tweet

He further added, "More non-covid patients are dying in Karnataka due to denial of treatment by hospitals.@CMofKarnataka, cancel the licences of all those hospitals that deny treatments. Just a mere warning will not move hospitals." 

The government has been asserting that hospitals mustn't deny patients, however, this hasn't changed enough on the ground.