Bengaluru CIty Police Tweet

In a one of its kind and rather a quirky move, the Bengaluru Police on Wednesday, July 8, took to Twitter to ask the public about the whereabouts of drug peddlers in the city. Of late, the capital city of Karnataka has emerged as the hotspot for drug dealers, with the Prohibition and Excise Department busting as many as four rackets in the last one year.

Attempting to secure some information about drug peddlers present in the city, the Bengaluru police asked the social media users to cooperate with them in putting an end to the problem. The city police did also manage to tickle a funny bone while they were at it.

"So, tell us at the toll-free number 1908. We're listening! It's 'high' time we did! #NowIsTheTime," tweeted the Bengaluru police alongside a photo that said, "Where do you get the best drugs in Bengaluru?"

311 kg ganja seized in 5 months in Bengaluru

According to the data provided by the police, 312 kilograms of marijuana or ganja has been seized in 510 cases registered under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act in the last 5 months in Bengaluru. Besides, 127 kilograms of cocaine and 16 kilograms of hashish have been confiscated.

"As many as 510 ganja cases have been registered, leading to the seizure of 312 kg of ganja in 2020," said Kuldeep Jain, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Crime Branch, adding that ganja has emerged as the most peddled and seized drug in the whole of Karnataka in the first six months of 2020.

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The cops have also seized 91 papers of LSD and 550 tablets belonging to the Yaba, Restyl, Anxit and Nitrosun category of drugs. A total of 781 Indians and 14 foreigners have been arrested in drug cases so far.

"Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai has reaffirmed the pledge to fight against drugs and continue the policy of zero tolerance," said Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil.

"Karnataka Police has been taking strict action against the drug peddlers while at the same time creating awareness among youth," added Patil.

The Bengaluru police have roped in celebrities such as Milana Nagaraj, Darling Krishna and Anil Kumble to send across the message to give up drugs.