The police department in Bengaluru has now received a huge response to its call for citizen volunteers in the city with over 8000 signing up. The initiative is to help the police administer the lockdown in Bengaluru for a week.

Many volunteers began their work today. The response followed Commissioner Bhaskar Rao's appeal on social media to citizens to sign up. 

Bengaluru police extends support to the needy
Bengaluru police extends support to the needy Deccan Herald

8,000 sign up as civil police wardens

The COVID-19 crisis in Bengaluru has over time seen many citizens volunteering to support the administration whether it be in healthcare work, awareness and now in policing. With the week-long down the police department is trying to keep order in the city.

Moreover, with the stricter lockdown being imposed this time, the police are on the alert to take lockdown violators to task. On Tuesday Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru Bhaskar Rao had tweeted, "Inviting physically fit and service-minded residents of Bengaluru, both men and women, between the age of 18 to 45 to Volunteer as Civil Police Warden to help the local police in regulation and enforcement of anti-Covid measures. To register log on to" 

Following the tweet, the response was enormous, with over 8,000 signing up for the job. The police have been facing a manpower shortage as well, due to nearly 2,500 personnel not on duty due to the pandemic and 500 testing positive for COVID-19. The volunteers who signed up will be occupied in the task of helping law-keepers for a few hours every day. 

Bangalore civil police wardens
@deepolice12 on Twitter

Today the officer tweeted, "Outstanding work being done by overwhelming number of Bangalore Civil Police Volunteers.. they are unsparing..!! Policemen have become law abiding citizens..!!" He even shared a picture, many asked if the volunteers would get a jacket or something to distinguish them, and the Bhaskar Rao said that they will also receive face shields, masks and gloves.