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Landlord denies rent in cashReuters file

Renting a house in Bengaluru can be a daunting task. There are several factors to be considered besides budget, but monthly rental warrants as the key decision-maker. It is common in Bengaluru, the start-up capital of India, to see houses converted into office spaces - thanks to the burgeoning number of startups in the city and the lack of affordable office spaces.

As a result of this trend, landlords are actively looking for startups as their tenants, but one particular landlord in Bengaluru had an unusual rental model for the tenants who happen to run a startup.

Rishi Raj Rahul, the co-founder and CEO of Aviate, which is a platform for employability-enhancement and placement services, was house-hunting in Bengaluru and came across a landlord who seemed extremely impressed by what the startup does. To his surprise, the landlord was willing to trade monthly rent payment in cash with stock options.

Bengaluru landlord's unusual request surprises startup founder
Bengaluru landlord's unusual request surprises startup founderTwitter

As assuring as it sounds for any startup founder or investor, Rahul said he had to decline the offer. According to Aviate co-founder, his company is running profitably, which is why he didn't see a need to dilute.

While responding to the curious folks on Twitter, who appeared just as surprised, Rahul said the landlord in question was looking for a tenant for his house in Lake Shore Homes in Bengaluru.

Are you looking for a house in Bengaluru and run a startup at the same time? There's a chance you might run into a landlord who'd be willing to give up cash for rent in exchange for being a part of your company.