BBMP waste collection Bengaluru
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The pandemic has caused hurdles to all processes of the state. From the way we live to medical help and even to our waste collection and management systems. For that reason, new systems have had to be adopted and new approaches to make sure ease of life is still maintained.

Waste segregation has been made mandatory for the public for many years now. However, with the pandemic, certain waste materials will have to be segregated and disposing of waste also requires some care.

Waste in the time of a pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are other considerations that come into play such as hygiene and maintaining social distance. Hygiene and waste management are as much a citizen's responsibility as it is the authorities'. On Monday the Solid Waste Management Special Commissioner for BBMP shared a video on Twitter showing how citizens can segregate waste and how waste collection is being carried out in parts of Bengaluru.

The Special Commissioner also cautioned the public of what to keep in mind when segregating waste. He said that apart from segregating waste, apart from wet, dry and sanitary waste, masks and gloves will have to be given separately. To ensure precautions are taken, social distancing must be maintained while handing over the waste as well as wearing of the mask.

The Special commissioner said, "Citizens can help to the cause of #Bengaluru by separating waste into wet, dry and reject. Mask and gloves should be given separately. When handing over waste, please maintain social distance & wear mask. Help us to help you," on Twitter.

The video also shows how the BBMP workers are helping citizens maintain social distance. Waste is a big part of maintaining hygiene during a pandemic in public places. The BBMP's Joint Commissioner for Solid Waste Management had also shared a glimpse of waste collection in Vijayanagar on Saturday.

Waste collection by BBMP in Vijayanagar
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Bengaluru generates nearly 5,000 tonnes of waste every day. Recently, there was a debate on whether Bengaluru will also be going in for the Indore model of garbage management, but in the recent meeting it was decided that the city would proceed with its original system, TOI had reported. 

Further details are awaited from the BBMP and will be published as and when received.