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The Bengaluru City Police issued a new safety video amidst the growing worries of the pandemic. Even as cases in the city mount in a staggering toll, the police are proceeding with caution. The safety video asserts the safety of those in uniform too.

Bengaluru City Police's latest safety video

On Monday, the Bengaluru city police released a new safety video not only for the citizens of Bengaluru but for those who safeguard the city as well. The video was shared by Commissioner Bhaskar Rao and high-ranking officials.

The message of the video asserts the idea of being self-aware, as a pantomime follows a police officer through his day cautioning him. Everybody needs small reminders due to a force of habit such us touching a door unthinkingly, going close to somebody you know, or for that matter when reprimanding someone. 

BCP safety video

The video asserts the need for the police to sanitise hands, wear gloves as they handle people constantly interacting with those who could be potential carriers, moreover proper wearing of the mask. The video begins with a quote in Kannada, "Before being protectors of society, it's better to be socially aware ourselves." 

BCP safety video

At this point in the pandemic, nothing could ring more true. Bhaskar Rao shared the video on Twitter with a message, "A lesson for all who have to be in high impact situation.." 

Another officer Hemant Nimbalkar shared, "Only You & You Only can protect yourself from #COVID19 pandemic spread." 

On the other hand, Bhaskar Rao who was quarantined has tested negative for COVID-19 following his test as his driver tested positive for the virus.