Debit card
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In a shocking turn of events, a cashier on Sunday slapped a woman customer in a reputed eating joint in Bengaluru. The incident occurred over payment of the bill at Sukh Sagar restaurant in Kammanhalli.

The victim Sharon Nigel claims that since she fell short of cash for the purchased food items, she decided to pay by debit card. "When I told the cashier I would pay by debit card, the cashier, Vinod, 25, a native of Kundapura, said he would charge extra four percent on the billed amount, if payment was made by card. I agreed to that, but he later told me that the amount payable would be Rs 315 including tax, which is when I was shocked. Being a banker myself, I know the amount that can be taxed on a food bill of Rs. 245 can never be Rs 70.When I objected to the extra charge, he got angry and started speaking rudely to me. He even started abusing me in the local language. But when he started abusing my mother, I reacted. Meanwhile, he came out from the cash counter slapped me on my face and pushed me. I fought back and people around rushed to my help," Ms Nigel said, reports Bangalore Mirror.

Meanwhile, the police got to know about the incident from one of the witnesses. "We went to the Banaswadi police station and gave a statement to the police along with the public. Later, I went to a hospital because my face and shoulder was (sic) hurt. The doctor even said I suffered a muscular tear. I have been advised rest for a few days. Now I just want the cashier to be punished," Ms Nigel added.

However, the cashier gave a different version of the incident. "During interrogation, Vinod mentioned that there was an altercation as he had swiped the card thrice as it was not reading properly, and the woman had abused him over it. That is when he lost his cool and slapped her. A case has been registered under IPC section 354 and he is in custody," said a police officer.