Angels are sent to Earth by God to save human lives, goes the tale. If so, Nagaraju is the angel who was assigned to bring a newborn back to its world of joy and zest. He was on his way to the Yeshwanthpura market around 4.20 am that Nagaraju, an auto driver noticed something strange on the road.

new born rescued by the auto driver
new born rescued by the auto driver,. Credit Bangalore Mirror. twitter

The road, dark and desolate with nothing other than a few other auto-rickshaws is prone to packs of dogs roaming as it is a garbage collecting point.

Baby's cry among the garbage!

But what pulled Nagaraju's attention was the unusual barking and howling of the dogs that crowded around a small packet left over the roadside.

The ferocious pack on Triveni Road near Bapu College was seen pulling a pack wrapped in cloth, which thankfully made Nagaraju stop and look by as it didn't resemble the usual garbage packs. The dogs were trying to drag the bundle to the middle of the road when Nagaraju checked it, only to find a newborn baby wrapped in.

It was a difficult task for the man to shove off the canines for he in fact disrupted their 'meal planning.'

The baby, according to him, must have been only a few hours old as its umbilical cord was just intact. Nagaraju, a resident of Subedar Palya, although stood bewildered for a few moments with the baby in hand, gained his sense and rushed to KC General Hospital to save the baby.

"The baby was alive and crying softly. He was lucky to have survived, first from the dogs and then from being run over by nearly three vehicles which passed really close to the bundle."
Nagaraju was helped by a fellow auto driver Pradeep who joined him to the hospital by carrying the baby while Nagaraju drove the auto.

Autodriver Nagaraju
Autodriver Nagaraju. Banglore MIrror. Twitter

Doctors appreciate the driver

The hospital took the baby in and appreciated Nagaraju for bringing the child right on time.
Meanwhile, the police were informed about the incident. He lodged a complaint at Yeshwantpur police station and the footage of the child being thrown by the accused has been captured in the CCTV near the spot.

An FIR has been charged against the unidentified culprits under section 317 of the IPC for the exposure of a child under 12 years of age by parent or person having care of it with intention of wholly abandoning it.

The baby is reportedly safe in the hospital.