Despite the strict ban on trading in exotic and endangered animals in India, the practice still continues across the country, even amid the lockdown. The Central Crime Branch of Karnataka Police has marked the arrest of two men, including a delivery boy, who have allegedly involved in the trade of sand boa (two-headed snake).

karnataka police finds illegal sand boa trade
karnataka police finds illegal sand boa trade

Sand boa trade through Dunzo delivery bag!

The endangered snake species that has that huge demand in the global market was tried to be smuggled under the cover of Dunzo delivery bag. One among the two accused was a delivery boy to Dunzo that has been winning praises for its unfeigned door delivery service during these lockdown days.

According to the police, the two men, Mohammad Rizwan, 26, and Azar Khan, 27, impersonated as delivery boys and fooled people by selling snakes in their delivery bags meant to carry food.
Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), told the media, "We have rescued the double engine snake belonging to the Boidae family, commonly called Sand Boa, and seized a scooter and three mobile phones from the arrested duo."

The sand boa is protected under schedule 4 of The Wildlife Protection Act 1972. The reptile species is a huge demand across the world market, often takes a price of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 60 lakh.

In countries like China, south-east Asia and in the West, they are used in cancer research. Its skin is used in the leather industries. In addition to this, they are also used for making medicines, aphrodisiacs, cosmetics as well as in black magic rituals in some areas.

Rizwan works as a delivery boy in Dunzo. Considering the permission given by the government for the delivery of food and other essentials, his friend, Azar Khan packed the snake in the delivery bag and tried to sell it through.

sand boa
sand boa

While Dunzo is doing a good job of door delivery of essentials during the lockdown, said Patil in his tweet, some people are misusing it and doing illegal things.

Based on the complaint filed by Range Forest Officer (RFO), Kaggalipura, a case has been filed under the Wildlife Protection Act against the duo and further investigation is on.