Kempe Gowda International Airport's police inspector, T. Mutturaj received a threat message in Hindi to blow up two aircraft on Sunday late night and lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime, Economic Offences and Narcotics (CEN) police station for a probe into the message on Monday.

However, the message turned out to be a hoax and the complaint by the Inspector has come into the public domain on Wednesday late at night.

The Kempe Gowda International Airport in Bengaluru

According to an FIR copy, Mutturaj stated in his complaint that he had received a threat message from +447868820235 (United Kingdom number) on his Whatsapp at 22:04 hours in Hindi subsequently Google translated Kannada message of the same landed on his number 22:10 hours warning that unless their demands were not met then there will be trouble in Bengaluru International airport, keep watch on two aircraft that are going land in morning and evening.

"I had received this message when I was at home, I had seen my phone but saw this message only Monday (June 21) at 7:20 a.m. as soon as I saw this message, immediately alerted the airport terminal manger, Sampreet, who in turn alerted his higher-ups at all levels," said the inspector in his complaint.

He has appealed to CEN police station to probe in detail about the veracity of this message as well as the number from which the message has come to him. The CEN police registered a case and the investigation is on.