bangalore steel flyover
A 3D view of Bengaluru's proposed steel flyoverFacebook

After the Karnataka government posted a 3-D animation video of how the Rs. 1,800 crore steel flyover from Chalukya Circle to Hebbal will look on Saturday on Facebook, many people criticised the government further. The government has been facing steep opposition from residents as the project will not only cost hundreds of crores, but will also be ecologically harmful for the city.

The steel flyover is expected to alleviate the congestion at Bellary Road and North Bengaluru. But thousands of Bengalureans have come together to sign petitions and launch campaigns against the project that would require felling of more than 800 trees.

One Bengalurean wrote on Facebook, "Cutting trees and planting steel pillars will increase the temperature of city....Please save trees...These are grown over years and it requires almost 100 years to get such beautiful trees..."

"Bangalore can be made look like Singapore, only in animated videos. In reality Bangalore is already destroyed and what is now done is the Final rites!!!!!" said another.

Residents near Hebbal have however supported the project since they face the brunt of the traffic problems. An advisor to the Karnataka government and noted authors and professors living in the city have however opposed the flyover dubbing it as a hazard to the environment. 

"Dear CM, first focus on outer ring road traffic jam issues. We are dyeing daily to keep our families alive. 5 hours commute 9 hrs working. No family life. Please understand. :(" said one Facebook user. 

Another person questioned the intention of the government in going ahead with the flyover. "This project is pushed so fast only for kick backs for the next elections as Karnataka is the only state where congress can make money to fund their leaders. Corruption is at its highest level in Karnataka. May be highest corruption in India," he said. 

Other Bengalureans have asked the government to spend money on farmers and complete the lagging metro project in the city before going ahead with another flyover.